Wine, a work in progress

The 2019 season went so well in many of Northern California's regions that, once again, there are many winemakers going on record as saying, "A Classic Vintage". Back to back with 2018, that's a lot to look forward to.

Like 2018, 2019 weather was well behaved, harvests went smoothly, and late season cool allowed ripening to go gradually as the work progressed.

After a tasting of some of the varietals that are somewhat "off the beaten path", it seems certain warm climate varietals, like Sangiovese & Tempranillo, are getting pushed out of the lineup. Taste a few and see if you agree.

Many of the 2016 Northern California red wines are proving to be outstanding and the fruit complex and full of depth. Many of these 2016's will be as age-worthy as the 2007 & 2008.

Want us to check out a wine or winery? We go on a lot of wine tours, so send an email with your suggestions.

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Recent Grape Encounters

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