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Italian Wines Provide an Endless Journey

Wine, a work in progress

"2021 reminds me a lot of 2015 - except with the amount of wind we are experiencing. I don't remember the valley ever being so windy all summer. The crop on the Napa Valley side is looking lower than average. Smaller berries, not as many clusters. The crop on the Sonoma Coast side looks healthy, maybe average or a little bit above average." - Domenick Bianco, Senior Vineyard Manager, Joseph Phelps Vineyards 7/25/21

"To be clear, the 2020 vintage is not lost. This has been a challenging vintage to be sure, but our winemakers are hard at work, and as of now, 80% of our wineries are moving forward with the vintage. Rest assured that our winemakers vision to produce world class wine is unwavering, and only wine worthy of having Napa Valley on the label will make it into the bottle." - Napa Valley Vintners 10/16/2020

As for 2019, the Northern California red wines had one of the best seasons ever. There were so many fantastic harvest stories about best of conditions that they are nearly impossible to keep track of. Really looking forward to tasting some of these. So far it is the white wines coming in and they are right up to expectations. As for the reds, soon very soon!

Want us to check out a wine or winery? We go on a lot of wine tours, so send an email with your suggestions and we will take a look at your suggestion.