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A Rutherford Complex: Freemark’s 2019 Cabernet Bosché

After tasting a lot of Napa Cabernets, it becomes obvious why the ones that are simply “different” fetch big ratings (and prices). Granted, if a top-shelf wine doesn’t work for you, it’s not worth it.

On the other hand, those who enjoy these puppies will pay the price, knowing that their real value is somewhat intangible. And that’s what drives the...

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Wine glasses clean in 8 minutes: A high-end solution

If you are using lots of wine glasses to set up numerous tasting flights, you might want to consider a dishwasher with a little more oomph....

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Matsu El Picaro:  A stunning wine from Spain’s Toro

Great wines are often described as having Character, Depth, Fullness, and Distinctiveness.  But in a world where so many offerings...

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Mixing AI Into Your Wine Pairings

Wondering about how the latest Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) craze will affect our everyday lives? Well now, it has come to the world of wine & cuisine, yep it finally has...

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Wine, a work in progress

"And just like that we are into June, summer has arrived.

All eyes are on the vineyards at this point in the growing season. Bunches of tiny flower buds, the size of pinheads will determine the size of our fiftieth harvest.

The tiny flowers are easy to miss, as they are not big, showy blossoms like those on many other plants. But these diminutive blooms are as eagerly anticipated as the first flower on a prized rosebush or the bright yellow blossom on a heritage tomato plant!"
- The Alexander Valley Vineyards Team, 6/1/24

"The vines are awake and our Estate vineyard crew, led by Sadie Drury, has been busy tending to them, mowing, and providing mechanical (herbicide-free) weed control. Their meticulous care ensures the health of our vines, setting the stage for the next vintage of stellar wines. We are excited to be nurturing these grapes for the upcoming harvest!

We're also thrilled to report that bud break is flourishing across our vineyards, pointing towards a near-normal crop at Seven Hills Vineyard and a very promising harvest at Ferguson, with only a minor reduction from the winter."
- The Winemaking Team, L'Ecole No. 41, 5/8/24

"Vineyard Update: April Freeze Edition
On the morning of Saturday, April 6th, frost descended on Noceto's vineyards. We experienced 4.6 hours at conditions below freezing, enough to damage buds, leaves, and flowers. But ... the news is good!

Unlike the 2022 freeze, when the vine shoots were running out 2-3 inches, this year's most advanced vines are still in their bud stage. We have some crisped and burnt edges, but overall, the leaves and buds "look okay," in the words of longtime winemaker, Rusty Folena. That said, we won't know the full extent of this year's damage until fruit sets in the coming weeks and months."
- Garrett Linker, Tasting Room Manager, Noceto Vineyards, April 2024 Newsletter

"Now that we've had a few months to look back on the 2023 vintage, we can definitively say that it was an unusual growing season from a weather standpoint. "Weird, bizarre, atypical" are just few of the words the winemaking and viticulture teams used to describe the season. Despite the unusual weather, the 2023 wines are looking exceptional."
- Ridge Vineyards Winemaking Team, Healdsburg CA, 3/29/24