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Italian Wines Provide an Endless Journey

Wine, a work in progress

“We are on track for a normal ripening curve despite the current drought conditions. The environment and vineyard conditions are always top of mind for us to grow the best quality fruit possible. We’ve been stringent with water use and canopy management to ensure ideal ripening conditions. The resulting berries are small and intense, which bodes well for final wine quality. Harvest is here, which is always the busiest and most rewarding time of year for all the hard work we put into the vineyards.” - Kristi Melton, Winemaker, Freemark Abbey Winery, 9/16/2021

"As we begin harvest, drought conditions persist but we are in great shape for a fantastic vintage. All the early work the vineyard team has done is paying off. Our vines look healthy and well managed, and the fruit looks spectacular." - Steve Dutton, Dutton-Goldfield Vineyards 8/12/21

"The vines have been soaking up the sunshine and overall our 2021 crop looks fantastic. Veraison has started and as you walk through the vineyards you see a kaleidoscope of colors on the clusters. Each day the colors deepen and the hard green grapes begin to soften as they ripen.

Harvest will begin at the end of the month, ultimately the date will be determined by the grapes. In preparation for the many busy weeks ahead, we are finishing up bottling Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The winemaking team is prepping the crusher, press and pumps. We're making room for new barrels, the first load arrived last week and more are on the way." - August Newsletter, Alexander Valley Vineyards 8/2/21

"2021 reminds me a lot of 2015 - except with the amount of wind we are experiencing. I don't remember the valley ever being so windy all summer. The crop on the Napa Valley side is looking lower than average. Smaller berries, not as many clusters. The crop on the Sonoma Coast side looks healthy, maybe average or a little bit above average." - Domenick Bianco, Senior Vineyard Manager, Joseph Phelps Vineyards 7/25/21

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