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About us...

SomeWhim Media has information of interest to consumers, covering travel and wine lore. Of course, we can't do any of these without wine somewhere along the way, so most of our material is currently focused on wine. Hey, it's priorities.

Note that, when it comes to wine, something's happening every day. Just think about what can happen. Weather, varmints, invasive plants, infections, and that's just the farming (Agri) part.

As for the things that can emerge inside the winery itself, another story. Let's just say, when it's all done, our being able to totally enjoy the finished product is a downright miracle!

So, cheers to the miracle. Our articles herein attempt to capture at least a small portion of the story. Check them out, and if you're a wine lover, you should find them interesting.

We can provide a stream of interesting articles to publications such as newsletters or web-based food and drink sites with information on wine and all things surrounding it.

If you could use updated content for the Food and Drink section of your publication, contact us today.

Wine Tasting Photo